Like Consumption, Adoption is about getting people to adopt a technology/system/process/leader. The difference is that while Consumption is quantitative and therefore metric-driven, Adoption has a softer approach and is about meaningful qualitative returns.

It’s just like rowing: we want everyone to be keeping the same pace and working together, but with a cox telling you what you think you should be doing.

That’s how adoption works. We tell you why you think you want the solution your organisation wants you to have.

The difference at the end of the day is that we’ve run competitions, given away swag, put posts up everywhere, and run lots of training courses. We’ve achieved the consumption target, but your users haveĀ adopted what you wanted them to – so there’s less blowback.

It’s a win/win, and something that never ends due to the constant rate of change – so it’s a win for us too.