Does common sense have a place in the future of work?

Technology has changed a lot since the dawn of this millennium. We survived the Y2k bug without having to live in bunkers. Since that time almost every industry has changed, including our end user experience.

Consumers now carry around smartphones in their pockets which are more powerful than computers were only a few years ago. We rent homes, couches, cars, pets, and almost anything else we want from people on the Internet that we’ve never met. While we don’t fly around with jetpacks or flying cars – those technologies do exist.

This begs the question – why is it that in our personal lives we are able to operate technology by simply reading a manual or watching a video, but can’t do the same in the workplace?

Think of this scenario: Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Pintrest/Snapchat/Instagram/whatever upgrades its mobile app and people simply log in and keep going. There were no posters on the street. There was no training session. There was no email. It just happened, and users barely batted an eyelid.

Think of this scenario: the new iPhone is released and people camp outside of stores waiting to be one of the first to have this new technology. When did that happen for an Outlook upgrade?

The divide between personal technology and workplace technology is not that great, yet our expectations of how they are implemented is vastly different.

This is why at Buzzwerd Solutions we offer a complete Change Management portfolio: because we know that users won’t want to watch 15 minutes of training videos and try a few things for themselves when they can have the option to attend a half-day workshop. We know that executives and stakeholders need tangible outcomes like posters and emails, and to receive reports with analysis and plans to make things seem more complicated than they really are.

Whether your organisation needs to show results (Consumption) or actually see results (Adoption), our Change Management offerings are here for you, because common sense sure isn’t.

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