Introducing Quantum Transformation

In physics, a quantum (plural: quanta) is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction.

So what does this mean when we apply it to transformation in today’s modern world?

The minimum amount of transformation possible.

That’s why our new service “Quantum Transformation” takes an existing business process and does the least amount of work to make it “digital”.

Want to make a paper form digital? Sure! We can scan it for you. Now it’s a PDF!

Want to drive adoption and get stakeholder engagement? Definitely! We can run a workshop, ask some questions, and then leave.

Want to automate your workflow? Absolutely! We can draw a basic process on the back of a napkin, and then give it to you to take a photo of.

Want to increase your speed of delivery? Yes! We can tell your employees to work faster because it’s better for the company. Workers love being told that their hard work will not directly benefit them.


Talk to us today about your transformation needs, and we’ll charge you a lot to deliver a little.


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    • Loryan Strant

      Thanks for the suggestion. We feel that we don’t need to monetize this blog, because the value of our IP and brand gives us a license to print money.

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