Introducing True Cloud Communications

Long seen as the last place on Earth where you could be offline and get work done, airplanes are now joining the rest of the connected world and offering in-flight Wi-Fi thanks to satellite communications.

Over the years business travellers have taken the opportunity to get meaningful work done without any interruptions from co-workers or family members. For others it has been an opportunity to sit back, eat & drink, enjoy in-flight entertainment due and shut out the fact you are occupying a tiny, uncomfortable space for a good portion of the day without getting any bonus pay.

While we’ve all seen posts from vendors and resellers on social networks of people proudly working on their technology of choice while up in the clouds.

The reality is that with current satellite bandwidth they are generally restricted to having basic text-based conversations back and forth, nothing of significance.

Often, they’re only able to access web-based systems and have to deal with frustrating amounts of latency to do any meaningful work.

Thanks to improvements in satellite bandwidth and more modern aircraft, Buzzwerd Solutions has partnered with Oceanic Airlines to offer “True Cloud Communications”. Using Hi-Fi-Wi-Fi we are able to offer travellers the ability to enjoy real-time communications and rich video conferencing when travelling in “Real Business Class”.

No longer is business class about status – it’s not for people who are so important that they cannot bear to be incommunicado for more than an hour.

Show people how elite you are, and how great your technology is. Don’t just use in-flight Wi-Fi to take a photo of your laptop next to a window and post it to social networks.

Instead, show your peers how important you are.

Show your family how sad you are to be away from them.

Show your boss how hard you are at work.

Show your clients where their money is going.

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