My God, it’s full of data!

Data driven insights are all the rage these days. They help predict patterns of behaviour, trends, elections, how long you’ll spend reading an email, and whether or not your teenage daughter is pregnant.

From our research we concluded a number of things:

  • Data-driven insights are important
  • Business intelligence is not guaranteed, but can produce great visuals
  • People like Amazon gift cards, but the value of the gift card must meet the time spend on the research

When we asked further, people don’t like the idea of being entered into a draw to win an Amazon gift card when they were committing time to give feedback and insights.

The average person doesn’t like looking at giant spreadsheets, it requires reading.

What we do know about representing data in graphs is that people can then point to things, whether on paper or a e-paper:

On a screen:

Or a really expensive screen:

What’s important is that people keep generating data and put them into graphs so the average layperson can look at them and nod as if they now understand what is represented.

That’s where Buzzwerd Solution comes in.

We can help make graphs and show them to you; either in a Word document with words in it, in a PowerPoint with less words in it, or in a PDF version of either (that you’ll most likely print out because you’re a tactile person who wants to draw on them, despite paying thousands of dollars on a Surface Hub that allows you to draw directly on the charts on the screen).

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