New commercial offering: IP Services

According to many industry analysts, Intellectual Property (IP) is the real way to make money.

Effectively, consultants create IP at the expense of an initial client and then can re-use that IP over and over with other clients – all with an even healthier profit margin.

For this reason, Buzzwerd Solutions will now be offering IP Services as part of our consulting portfolio. The reality is that this benefits nobody other than our own organisation, as our shareholders yield more profits. Those staff who were lucky enough to secure a profit-share arrangement as part of their remuneration package will also benefit, however those on a commission basis will not make any additional money as we will continue to classify the internal costs against a product code that remains unchanged.

What does this mean for our clients? Very little. They will still work with the same consultants, but we can now charge a premium rate above our existing premium rate (based on our brand and ultimately valuation of self-importance). Because our consultants now bring with them IP Services, our clients can rest assured that the work being performed has already been done elsewhere for another client and therefore isn’t unique.

Our clients want best practices, they want knowledge, they want experience. We offered that before, but now with IP Services we can charge more – and ultimately, isn’t that really the true representation of value?

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